What we’re about …

The MASSP Technology Talk blog is an attempt to engage school administrators in reviewing, discussing and exploring new ideas for incorporating technology within their school environment.  By highlighting technology trends and its purported uses, the blog’s readers are encouraged to float their own experiences for comments.

Who’s writing the blog?  Primarily, Rick Robb, assistant principal at Long Reach High School in Howard County and MASSP’s Technology chairman.  Rick was a computer analyst during the 80s and early 90s before becoming an English teacher in Prince George’s County.  While teaching in Howard County, he was the lead administrator for alternative education venues (summer school, evening school, and online courses).  After eighteen years in the classroom, Rick is in his second year as a school-based administrator.  Winning the ISTE 2006 Outstanding Teacher Award, teaching a graduate course at Johns Hopkins, and participating in numerous conferences, Rick continues to stay abreast of the trends in education and technology.

In addition, guest appearances by technology leaders throughout the state will add their insights on whether the buzz surrounding the newest trend is worth the energy or simply a road less traveled.

Finally, write some suggested technology topics that may interest principals and assistant principals.

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